Shisha.Apa ceritanya?


lately JAKIM ada bermuzakarah nak keluarkan Fatwa pengharaman Shisha.Namun ada pihak menolak sebulat-bulatnya,ada juga pihak menolak membuta-tuli,dan ada juga yang akan teraniaya dari pengharaman tersebut. (Kalau diharamkan lah...)

Kalau diharamkan perniagaan Shisha akan diharamkan dan diberhentikan.
Tapi,kalau rokok?arak? sama juga haramnya... *ikut cakap dari sesetengah pihak*
Tetapi kenapa masih berjalan dengan lancarnya penjualan dan perniagaan rokok dan arak?

Sebabnya...Cukai tinggi. (Sumber pendapatan keraajan ye)
Jadi tak boleh nak hentikan penjualan. Hmmm... 'Long live lah Gov Malaysia!'

Adakah anda bersedia seandainya shisha difatwakan haram oleh Majlis Fatwa?
Adakah anda setuju dengan tindakan bernas ini?Nak haramkan baek stop terus penjualan.
ini tidak.orang awam dengan penuh senang hati merokok di tempat awam tanpa sebarang keraguan.Macam tiada apa-apa berlaku pun.




Salam and greetings.

once in a blue moon.dats how i describe this 'thing'.
i 'blog' not for glam, cheap publicity and anything related to todays world.
but im stating wut i've seen,i've gone through around me these days.

YES!it's true that as time moves so does the people during the Zaman.
Recalled back when i was in Standard 5.At that time, we only have Dial up connection.
Today,with 3G and 4G,indeed it shows HUGE improvement in term of Technology and update to the World ahead.
It's GOOD!

from my own perceptive, those 'things' lead to Disaster, giving all sorts of problems esp related to Social.Speaking of social, nowadays with vast world of social networking eg: Facebook,Twitter and all sorts of blogs and Youtube.

Go GOOGLE and search of all i mentioned above.

Justin Bieber's Fever, 'Too friendly' Social Network ( facebook ) these kinds of things are actually leading to lower level of morale, civics-less community, NO ADAB to the elders and friends and also to him/herself among our own people,our own community.

Look around your facebook page, the u'll see what i'm trying to stand out here.
Young girls dressing up, posing lustfully hooker style just to attract some idiots attentions ( young boys ), telling all sort of personal,private stories and doings. Is it natural to be like that?

The answer is Hell NO! It's Wrong.
It's not wrong to write up some cheeky,attractive stories, and share with colleagues and friends but we must remember, Everything has its own limit.

Todays,modern kids are actually being Overexposed by the Net.They are trying to be like those immoral celebs ( both local celebs and international celebs are basically da same,No different at all.Believe me. )

--Overexposed :In term of Personal life, Lifestyle, Appearances and lots of more aspects which have been overexposed to the fresh,clean mind of our own lil bros and lil sis'.


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