New YAMAHA Cubchai

The Old Me,

Meanwhile, New YAMAHA 135LC (5 Speed ), with MotoGP rider, Jorge Lorenzo T_T
Fast Grab it!



Dear smokers/shisha-er,

Please get a plastic bag and cover yourself whenever you want start smoking.
So you can enjoy the smoke 100% by yourself, i dont want any percent of it.
And some of my friends, too.


Miss. Dont-kill-me-if-you-want-to-kill-yourself

p/s: what a lame quote! @_@


Some might be on the right track.
Some might be off the track.
And some, might guide you to the wrong understanding of AL-Quran and As-Sunnah.

" Ignorant One : the man who thinks he knows it but in reality what he knows is not 'it'.
In Arabic/Malay - this is a 'Jahil' person. "

Please differentiate between this man and a naturally stupid person (born with low IQ).
The Jahil could be a PhD holder or a so-called 'Intellectual' or a 'Cendikiawan'...
even worse could even be a so-called 'Ustaz'.

The title Ustaz nowadays has been 'misunderstood' by the people. Living man is the best teacher.Self reading on the Net and making your own conclusion might be 'inappropriate'.



It's about time...

Greeting Peeps!

the Japan Tsunami and Earthquake 2011...
A massive 8.9 Richter Scale measured.

Lets Pray for Japan.and for our own sake.
Don't get shocked that soon it will 'come and pay your place a visit'.

there are still some kind of idiots,
its about time...

Not everything in this world we can make joke out of it.

And some few 'brilliance people' make a joke out of the disaster,
" Where are those Ultraman, Kamen Rider, Doraemon?They should come and give a hand here" LOL for idiots!

its not impossible for Tsunami and Earthquake to hit Malaysia or any other so called Nations. Your time will come...This is only a small sign of Him.


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