It is true


Demi Masa

1.Demi masa
2.Sesungguhnya manusia itu dalam kerugian
3.Kecuali orang-orang yang beriman dan beramal soleh dan berpesan (nasihat menasihati) dengan kebenaran dan berpesan dengan kesabaran.


Semua manusia dalam kerugian, kecuali orang-orang yang beriman teguh dan beramal soleh, serta suka nasihat menasihati tentang kebenaran serta kesabaran. Orang yang soleh sentiasa menjaga baik hubungan sesama manusia serta hubungan dengan Allah swt. Masa yang berlalu diisi dengan perkara yang berfaedah tanpa membazirkan perkara dengan perbuatan yang sia-sia. Pendek kata sentiasa mengikuti apa yang diperintahkan olehNya dan meninggalkan apa yang dilarang olehNya.

to whom it may concern;
it is about time,
time will show whats good and whats not,for us

Kau begitu sempurna, dimata ku kau begitu indah
Kau membuat diri ku, akan s’lalu memuja mu

Disetiap langkah ku, ku ‘kan s’lalu memikirkan, diri mu
Tak bisa ku bayangkan hidup ku tanpa cinta mu

Janganlah kau tinggalkan diri ku,
tak ‘kan mampu menghadapi semua
Hanya bersama mu ku akan bisa

Kau adalah darah ku
Kau adalah jantung ku
Kau adalah hidup ku, lengkapi diri ku
Oh sayangku kau begitu,
sempurna, sempurna~

Kau genggam tangan ku, saat diri ku lemah dan terjatuh
Kau bisikkan kata, dan hapus semua sesal ku

Kau adalah darah ku

Kau adalah jantung ku
Kau adalah hidup ku, lengkapi diri ku
Oh sayangku kau begitu,
Sayangku kau begitu,
sempurna, sempurna~


Paranoia continues

Salam Ramadhan,

i found a well based blog.


to Muslim,

stop being such a paranoid,
why must comparing?so that u'll look down to yourself?and worst is, affects others too? (the readers)
why oh why?

a small little piece of reminder,
Strengthen your Iman, Be A Muslim based on Al-Quran and As-Sunnah,
insyaAllah,things will turn out to be much better.
this small piece of 'games' should be put aside.


The Truth

Salam Ramadhan.
its 11th day in the fasting month, Ramadhan of Muslim calendar.
and i want to share this, just to make Us do some thinking,
a small thought should be enough,
Why cant the Green and The Blue be together,
marching along in the name of Muslim brothers,

democracy anyway.

here a short story for u readers, do enjoy!
sorry, i only have the Malay version :)

Lalat hijau dan lalat biru berterbangan khayal asyik dengan bau tahi yang baru keluar bontot Encik JugwamaJug. Penyokong lalat hijau kata mesti ada pertembungan. Haq dgn Batil. Tapi dia tak sedar dia lalat. Resamnya memang cari tahi..Kalau bagi minyak wangi, larilah dia. Lalat biru pun….lalat juga. Kesiannya…anak-anak lalat yang tak tahu bapak2 mereka tu lalat…penggemar tahi. Khususnya tahi Encik JugwamaJug.



USM ranks 1st overall among all educational institutions in Malaysia.
could be due its APEX status.
but then still, there r some froggie voices comparing toward the others.

Congratzzz USM!

students who wish to obtain places under USM Degree programs need to go through interviews and sit for entry examinations or known as Munshi Examination.
which somehow UM and UKM also wanted to do the same,and sadly got rejected by
Ministry of Higher Education.
more news here;



May Allah Grants Them the best. amin


lets pray for the sake of our brothers.


40 Hours Ride

9th of JULY 2011- 10th of JULY 2011, in less than 40Hours, 1300+-KM completed!

Sungai Petani-Simpang Pulai-Tanah Rata,Cameron Highlands-Tapah-Melaka-Nilai-Sungai Petani

Special thanks to
Satay, da one who ride together along da way,
Zack, provides foods and lodging at Melaka,
and all riders involved, Melaka Belangers,Mat Efjek,and MBCians.


Go google,
go study,
go do some basic research,

this is one the most acceptable to read off.
at least.


The Ugly Side


last week, i went to Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan for 3 days of site visiting there. quite a beautiful and peaceful place from my point of view. nice people,nice food (so-so only!) and nice weather there too!

as usual my writing mainly concerning the people, the places, the events and etc etc etc. xD

this round, toward my people, the Malaysian, and the Malays especially.

here is part of the conversation regarding my posting here;

A 40 Years old Malay Man and Me, on the 1st day.
Man: greetings sir! what kind of project is this?
Me: greetings. hurm, dis is a project for Majlis Perbandaran, a street lamp powered by a solar panel and a wind turbine. No electricity used later on to run the lamp.
Man: Owh, i see. Quite big size of the pole huh? Does it working well?
Me: Sure, to support the panel and turbine.also to obtain the preferably height of the lamp. Sure, tests have been done many times before.
Man: owhhh! okay then. continue with your work yah!
Me: smiling to him :)

Another 40 Years old Malay Man and Me, on the 2nd day.
Man: Greetings sir! its already two days, and yet the installation not yet finished huh?
Me: Well, as you can see sir, its quite new and complicated. We are facing some problems and try to encounter it.
Man: Owh really? Orite then.
Me: Again Smilling. :)

Another Person came to visit the site, this time round, A food importer businessman from Germany-this man has been staying in Malaysia for about 3 years.
Man: Such an interesting project you guys have it here. i can see it is running using solar and wind turbine.
Me: Oo yeah sir. Do you know the main purpose of this newly project?
Man: Sure, back to my hometown in Germany, my father has his own solar panel, enough to run the small booth in front of our house there. This thing is really good. We are talking about sustainability, global warming and saving cost for the street lamps.
Me:oo that is really interesting,indeed.
Man:For of course! alright young man, continue with your job then. May I take a few photos here?
Me: Be my guest :)

that is part of the conversation between two types of people, which i may concluded into these,
Different views in terms of;
1. Mentality,
2. Environmentally Awareness,
3. Function of Technology (the usage and the main purpose)

the M-basically just now how to condemn 'pigly' without knowing any facts, and rough ideas of what is going on. AND YET! they still want to criticize!
the F-even a person who does not have proper edu, not being related to the field, they are still have the basic ideas of what is going on around the world and eager to know the function of anything. UNLIKE the M.

Whats Say You?
U be the JUDGE.

Seriously, i was quite shocked with the ethics and way of thinking of the people

Is it? or just a poser statement?


i found this all over my Facebook wall today, through some of the people in my friends' list came out with these....
"ENGINEERING" has been chosen as the TOUGHEST course among all d courses including BCOM, Bca, IAS, IPS n MBBS; by d Guinnes Book of World Recrds, on 18Aug2010. It hs 58 univrsty xams + 130 seris xams + 174 asignmnts wthn 4 years (max 750 wrkng dys). All engineers post dis on ur wall 4 atleast 2hrs & b proud to be an engineer!
courtesy only an Engineering Student can understand the value of study on Last Night.

i really wonder, are they the REAL engineers to be?
or just like me? heh heh :D whats say you? u defined who u r! dont be such a poser, its better to be a loser anyhow.

Dowry in Islam

Salam and Greeting readers,

“The best of mahrs is the simplest (or most affordable).”

Narrated by al-Haakim and al-Bayhaqi, classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Jaami’, 3279

Mahr (dowry) is a fiqh term meaning the amount of money paid to the bride during marriage, the goods or the amount of money that a woman deserves by signing the marriage contract.

Mahr is the right of the woman; she does not have to give it to her husband to spend it on the expenses of their home. However, she may give it to her husband on her own accord, without any force.

Islam does not order the woman to save money in order to give it to the man when she gets married as it is the practice in Christianity; on the contrary, it orders the man to give the woman something as a present and as a symbol of his desire for her. Men are obliged to pay mahr; not women in Islam. It is as a result of the respect shown to women.

“According to Imam Malik, the minimum amount of mahr is three Silver Dirhams equivalent to 1/4 Gold Dinar. That madhhab (sect) based that comparison to their own criteria for theft. The minimum amount for the punishment of theft is one dinar gold coin; mahr was compared to that. One dinar gold coin equaled to ten dirhams silver money.

“Abu Hanifah had come to a similar conclusion before him. For he compared the dowry with the cutting of the hand. In his system, the hand cannot be cut, except in a dinar or twelve dirhams and according to him there is no dowry below that” (Qurtubi)

“Imam Shafii and Ahmad b. Hanbal did not determine a minimum limit for mahr. Their evidence is that there is no minimum limit for mahr in the verse regarding mahr”


Women! You are worth no less than a gold dinar or more! ;)

:credit to Sakinah

Curios how much 1 gold dinar is now? Refer:



It is REALLY hard to Admit Something?

Salam and Greetings,

Its been almost months...
the issue of 'back to back hitting' has become TOP NEWS throughout the Nation...
and yet,

the so called 'Victim' did admit he was hit, but the 'DO-er' still..
keep quiet to himself.
Only God Knows...
So what do you think?

p/s: common sense to your sense, whats a big deal if you NEVER did something and somehow people are pointing the badness at you. Will you keep quiet, or fight for your right?


Its irritating chaps!
Peace yeah!


Press or Depress?

No greetings this time,

how often do you go through with it in your life?
how do you avoid it?

'am feeling a lil bit depressed here,rite now.
Hell no reason,i guess

i wonder what is the best for us...


its the end of the Semester.Holiday is on the way...
Meanwhile, for all my friends,

Try Your Best! =)



Believe it or not, Starbucks Is Haram,says JAKIM. Here are the explanation and proves;

Please note that all chocolate, vanilla and coffee drinks at Coffee Bean and Starbuck contains E471 (Emulsifier 471), mono di-glycefideswhich is from animal origin (pork). Raspberry Frap uses cherries that has been dip n alcohol & the tiramisu contains RUM. Please pass this message toour muslim friends.

Call JAKIM 03 - 8886 4000 for more information.


New YAMAHA Cubchai

The Old Me,

Meanwhile, New YAMAHA 135LC (5 Speed ), with MotoGP rider, Jorge Lorenzo T_T
Fast Grab it!



Dear smokers/shisha-er,

Please get a plastic bag and cover yourself whenever you want start smoking.
So you can enjoy the smoke 100% by yourself, i dont want any percent of it.
And some of my friends, too.


Miss. Dont-kill-me-if-you-want-to-kill-yourself

p/s: what a lame quote! @_@


Some might be on the right track.
Some might be off the track.
And some, might guide you to the wrong understanding of AL-Quran and As-Sunnah.

" Ignorant One : the man who thinks he knows it but in reality what he knows is not 'it'.
In Arabic/Malay - this is a 'Jahil' person. "

Please differentiate between this man and a naturally stupid person (born with low IQ).
The Jahil could be a PhD holder or a so-called 'Intellectual' or a 'Cendikiawan'...
even worse could even be a so-called 'Ustaz'.

The title Ustaz nowadays has been 'misunderstood' by the people. Living man is the best teacher.Self reading on the Net and making your own conclusion might be 'inappropriate'.



It's about time...

Greeting Peeps!

the Japan Tsunami and Earthquake 2011...
A massive 8.9 Richter Scale measured.

Lets Pray for Japan.and for our own sake.
Don't get shocked that soon it will 'come and pay your place a visit'.

there are still some kind of idiots,
its about time...

Not everything in this world we can make joke out of it.

And some few 'brilliance people' make a joke out of the disaster,
" Where are those Ultraman, Kamen Rider, Doraemon?They should come and give a hand here" LOL for idiots!

its not impossible for Tsunami and Earthquake to hit Malaysia or any other so called Nations. Your time will come...This is only a small sign of Him.



Shisha.Apa ceritanya?


lately JAKIM ada bermuzakarah nak keluarkan Fatwa pengharaman Shisha.Namun ada pihak menolak sebulat-bulatnya,ada juga pihak menolak membuta-tuli,dan ada juga yang akan teraniaya dari pengharaman tersebut. (Kalau diharamkan lah...)

Kalau diharamkan perniagaan Shisha akan diharamkan dan diberhentikan.
Tapi,kalau rokok?arak? sama juga haramnya... *ikut cakap dari sesetengah pihak*
Tetapi kenapa masih berjalan dengan lancarnya penjualan dan perniagaan rokok dan arak?

Sebabnya...Cukai tinggi. (Sumber pendapatan keraajan ye)
Jadi tak boleh nak hentikan penjualan. Hmmm... 'Long live lah Gov Malaysia!'

Adakah anda bersedia seandainya shisha difatwakan haram oleh Majlis Fatwa?
Adakah anda setuju dengan tindakan bernas ini?Nak haramkan baek stop terus penjualan.
ini tidak.orang awam dengan penuh senang hati merokok di tempat awam tanpa sebarang keraguan.Macam tiada apa-apa berlaku pun.




Salam and greetings.

once in a blue moon.dats how i describe this 'thing'.
i 'blog' not for glam, cheap publicity and anything related to todays world.
but im stating wut i've seen,i've gone through around me these days.

YES!it's true that as time moves so does the people during the Zaman.
Recalled back when i was in Standard 5.At that time, we only have Dial up connection.
Today,with 3G and 4G,indeed it shows HUGE improvement in term of Technology and update to the World ahead.
It's GOOD!

from my own perceptive, those 'things' lead to Disaster, giving all sorts of problems esp related to Social.Speaking of social, nowadays with vast world of social networking eg: Facebook,Twitter and all sorts of blogs and Youtube.

Go GOOGLE and search of all i mentioned above.

Justin Bieber's Fever, 'Too friendly' Social Network ( facebook ) these kinds of things are actually leading to lower level of morale, civics-less community, NO ADAB to the elders and friends and also to him/herself among our own people,our own community.

Look around your facebook page, the u'll see what i'm trying to stand out here.
Young girls dressing up, posing lustfully hooker style just to attract some idiots attentions ( young boys ), telling all sort of personal,private stories and doings. Is it natural to be like that?

The answer is Hell NO! It's Wrong.
It's not wrong to write up some cheeky,attractive stories, and share with colleagues and friends but we must remember, Everything has its own limit.

Todays,modern kids are actually being Overexposed by the Net.They are trying to be like those immoral celebs ( both local celebs and international celebs are basically da same,No different at all.Believe me. )

--Overexposed :In term of Personal life, Lifestyle, Appearances and lots of more aspects which have been overexposed to the fresh,clean mind of our own lil bros and lil sis'.



Dunia AKhir Zaman


Beberapa hari lepas,
ada satu subjek ni yang di ajar oleh seorang lecturer yang bijak pandai, rasanya.
dengan membawa title "Dr." di hadapan namanya itu.

lepas abes memberi lecture,
tiba-tiba dia ada menunjukkan sebuah buku yang sedang dalam pembacaan dia.
tapi bukan buku itu menjadi persoalannya di sini.
yang menjadi masalah BESAR nya di sini,

He is a Muslim.
But then, he mentioned about
The three so called big religion.
Wut in da world he was thinking.

Islam, Christianity, and Jewish.
Ok lah tu.Maybe he is one of the normal open minded people i guess. Mungkin je lah.
tapi yang agak saya terkesima...

Boleh plak dia sebut,

"Moses is a Jewish back then, Isa is a Christian, and Muhammad SAW is a Muslim."
"so, they (the three religion) all are da SAME actually.
and in fact from the same root."

and he admit that there is other religion other than Islam in this world.


Click here.Don't Hesitate to click It!

Jangan Malu Malu Nak Click! tq!