Imam Muda...???

Today I watched some part of the new ASTRO so called REALITY TV SHOW program to select and produce new 'IMAM".

Imam is the person who can teach,show,lead,and advice people (the people sorrounding him),

back in those days, my late great grandfather was a great man, an IMAM at his placed, back in kuala terengganu.he teached agama, zikir and qasidah, in other words that is the real imam.

unlike the program which i want to mention here,

the part i watched, one of the participant aka so called Imam to be crying and begging for votes from the audiences in order for him to have the Imam Muda title.


Idea program Imam Muda ini tercetus apabila melihat anak muda zaman ini mempunyai potensi untuk memikul tanggungjawab bukan saja sebagai seorang imam yang serba boleh tetapi juga pemimpin yang berwibawa, maka, Astro Oasis mengambil inisiatif mewujudkan program kerohanian Imam Muda dengan mendapat kerjasama daripada Jabatan Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan (JAWI). Program ini memberi landasan untuk memartabatkan status imam dan memberi pendedahan kepada masyarakat mengenai tanggungjawab sebenar seorang imam.

quote from ASTRO WEBSITE

up here is some of what ASTRO in collabration with JAWI to produce an 'IMAM'.

how can a person whose gonna be a leader to a community, a teacher to the people , a kadi produced just like that?

not to mention the program itself which showed the IMAM to be crying in front of thousands of people watching, fighting for votes ( most of the votes stands to win the IMAM MUDA title) who is ASTRO to give u the right to be an IMAM? and also the participants which I dont want to mention how they are, who they are coz me myself is not that pretty perfect.

back then, the original IMAM, study,learn,practice,adapt, the life based on AL-QURAN and AS-SUNNAH with the real teacher,the man of Allah not from the ASTRO!

and, are you gonna let them be ur qadi for your akad nikah?as ur khatib during jumaat khutbah?

for me and most of the people I don't think is RUBBISH!

masyaALLAH.let us have a thought on the so called IMAM MUDA program.

p/s:haiiiihhh end of the imam can be 'made' through a reality show.and yet there are still thousands of 'blind' people supporting and stating that is is still a good show!

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