after few days of making decision wut to do for my One Month Sem Break,
i made up my mind to be a RA.

RA aka Researcher Assistant

The 1st day,

start from 11am till 5pm.
working,working and still working.

getting myself used to the working environment...
since this the 1st REAL working environment for me.

at the beginning,
i was askin myself
" What the Hell am i Doing here? "
but then,
few tasks were given...
most of them r actually the application to my study in Mechanical Eng Field.

and yet,
its tough to recall wut i hav learned since the first year.

The Project is under URRG ( Underwater Robotics Research Group )
in collabration with MOSTI and USM.

for more 'exciting info' check it out here;


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