It is REALLY hard to Admit Something?

Salam and Greetings,

Its been almost months...
the issue of 'back to back hitting' has become TOP NEWS throughout the Nation...
and yet,

the so called 'Victim' did admit he was hit, but the 'DO-er' still..
keep quiet to himself.
Only God Knows...
So what do you think?

p/s: common sense to your sense, whats a big deal if you NEVER did something and somehow people are pointing the badness at you. Will you keep quiet, or fight for your right?


Its irritating chaps!
Peace yeah!


Myra Arshad (: said...

aha. kenapa tak paham niiiii. hahahaa. lampii :p

yArdSty said...

part mana yg tak paham?

p/s:cannot directly written,nanti kena sue plak.

Myra Arshad (: said...

see u in court :D

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