The Ugly Side


last week, i went to Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan for 3 days of site visiting there. quite a beautiful and peaceful place from my point of view. nice people,nice food (so-so only!) and nice weather there too!

as usual my writing mainly concerning the people, the places, the events and etc etc etc. xD

this round, toward my people, the Malaysian, and the Malays especially.

here is part of the conversation regarding my posting here;

A 40 Years old Malay Man and Me, on the 1st day.
Man: greetings sir! what kind of project is this?
Me: greetings. hurm, dis is a project for Majlis Perbandaran, a street lamp powered by a solar panel and a wind turbine. No electricity used later on to run the lamp.
Man: Owh, i see. Quite big size of the pole huh? Does it working well?
Me: Sure, to support the panel and turbine.also to obtain the preferably height of the lamp. Sure, tests have been done many times before.
Man: owhhh! okay then. continue with your work yah!
Me: smiling to him :)

Another 40 Years old Malay Man and Me, on the 2nd day.
Man: Greetings sir! its already two days, and yet the installation not yet finished huh?
Me: Well, as you can see sir, its quite new and complicated. We are facing some problems and try to encounter it.
Man: Owh really? Orite then.
Me: Again Smilling. :)

Another Person came to visit the site, this time round, A food importer businessman from Germany-this man has been staying in Malaysia for about 3 years.
Man: Such an interesting project you guys have it here. i can see it is running using solar and wind turbine.
Me: Oo yeah sir. Do you know the main purpose of this newly project?
Man: Sure, back to my hometown in Germany, my father has his own solar panel, enough to run the small booth in front of our house there. This thing is really good. We are talking about sustainability, global warming and saving cost for the street lamps.
Me:oo that is really interesting,indeed.
Man:For of course! alright young man, continue with your job then. May I take a few photos here?
Me: Be my guest :)

that is part of the conversation between two types of people, which i may concluded into these,
Different views in terms of;
1. Mentality,
2. Environmentally Awareness,
3. Function of Technology (the usage and the main purpose)

the M-basically just now how to condemn 'pigly' without knowing any facts, and rough ideas of what is going on. AND YET! they still want to criticize!
the F-even a person who does not have proper edu, not being related to the field, they are still have the basic ideas of what is going on around the world and eager to know the function of anything. UNLIKE the M.

Whats Say You?
U be the JUDGE.

Seriously, i was quite shocked with the ethics and way of thinking of the people


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