Assalamualaikum wbt.

Amana or Amanah is a big word. It carries with it a set of obligations and rights. At the very core of human creation, with Adam a.s there was already an amanah accorded to him as the father of mankind. The amanah as kahlif of Allah in this temporal world. It was an amanah that no other creations of Allah swt were willing to take upon.

So at the very beginning, being human is actually to safeguard this amanah. Amanah in this sense is a trust. This thing is mine. It belongs to me. It is not yours. However, I am going to let you safe keep it for a while. You can take some benefit from it, but according to the obligations and rights that I have already attached to this amanah. Do no do as you please with it. It is not yours!

So this world and everything in it are not ours. They do not belong to us. Allah swt says "Lahu ma fiis-samawati wa'l ard". Meaning, "To Allah belongs all that is in this earth and sky". Thus, your family does not actually belongs to you. Your possession actually does not belong to you. Power does not belong to you. Praises do not belong to you. Even yourself do not belong to you. Allah is the Posessor. However, in this world, in this temporal existence, you are given temporary role as custodian. The khalif. and all that, the family, the welath, your intellect, your health, power, in fact your very existence is an amanah. You are to do your best to fulfill this trust in the apparent absence of the Real Owner. But the King is never not present. You are judge as to how you handle this amanah.

To guide us on how to discharge this amanah, Allah sent down Rasulullah s.a.w to show us the way. There are many paths but only one that is pleasing to Him. The way of Muhammad s.a.w. Thus with each amanah, we have the Sunnah of Rasul s.a.w. to guide us on how to fulfill that amanah in a way pleasing to Allah s.w.t

Rasul s.a.w taught us the way to discharge the amanah of wealth through zakat and sadaqah. The amanah of existence through worship of Allah alone, without associating Him with anything. The amanah of family through the sunnah of kinship and marital syari'at. And so on...

May Allah grants us the strength and the knowledge to fulfill these amanah.

Ibnu Saifuddin.


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